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Our solution

Quant’s Reliability Services has the people, experience and a database of preventative maintenance (PM) procedures to develop the program that is right for your equipment.

QRS is a cost-effective approach to development and implementation of a PM program for companies where maintenance resources are limited.

Our offering

The process to develop and track your preventative maintenance program:

1. Quant does a plant walk-through to identify all equipment that needs to be part of the PM program

2. Quant experts develop PMs for each piece of equipment

3. Each week, Quant provides the specific PMs which are due to be performed. The Customer’s maintenance staff perform the PMs, make any notes regarding their observations, condition of equipment, etc., any corrective/reactive maintenance that was required, and send back to Quant. Quant inputs info into master database.

Benefits for the customer

Quant uses a common platform, quantWorx, to communicate and implement maintenance procedures.

With the Quant Reliability Service (QRS) as part of the offer our customers can enjoy the following benefits:

1. Quant’s standardized reliability processes. Based on our expertise and experience we set up the service and adapt it for the information need of the customer.

2. Ease of access. Get access to your PMs, analyse reports, view dash boards, KPIs etc. through a digital tool and modern interface.

We help you realize the full potential of maintenance

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Mario I. Sánchez Rivera
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Mobile no.: +52 444 460 1957

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