Improving OEE

Sustainable solution to improve general productivity and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Specval Coatings (previously known as Sappi Cape Kraft paper mill) in South Africa, is a showcase of a leading global paper company, manufacturing 100% Recycled Linerboard and Fluting (corrugating medium) from waste paper.

In 2009 the mill was looking for a sustainable solution to improve the general productivity and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) through a reputable outsourced maintenance partnering agreement, and selected Quant as the preferred service provider.

The primary objective for the production team was agreed, and the target was to be in the Top 3 Global Efficiency Improvement position, and aiming to become 1st position by 2014.

Engineering teams started focusing on specific production department issues that were causing downtime. Quant maintenance staff also underwent intensive training for skills enhancement. The process department was streamlined and started capturing flows, consistencies and trending data on a daily basis.

Goal alignment sessions were regularly held, including all support departments, when new Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic and within agreed Timeframe goals were set to obtain buy-in from all.

Engineering had to focus efforts on planned maintenance shuts, unplanned downtime, and rework, which hampered the availability and equipment reliability on a regular basis. Best Operating Practices (BOP’s) and Best Maintenance Practices (BMP’s) were revised and new equipment maintenance schedules updated on SAP to prevent premature unplanned failures.

Since July 2013, Sappi Cape Kraft has stayed in the top 5 positions of the Sappi Global Efficiency Ranking, while achieving both the number 1 and 2 positions 3 times and is currently in the number 1 position, here in 2014.

The focus area remains uptime where opportunities still exist. Quality focus is a given and will continue. Machine run rates are currently dryer limited, and this will be worked on during 2015, on our continuous improvement journey to become world class in all aspects of our recycling paper production operation.


  • Improvements from the production planning side and continued daily focus, has resulted in significant improvements to current level of approximately 3%, which is well below budget
  • The Year to Date OEE is at 81.07%.

December 1, 2014