Saving Energy

Implementation of collaborative production management system to save energy

Papelera Brandia SA produces machine-glazed (MG) kraft papers ranging from 24 to 140g/m2. Their kraft papers are ideal for wrapping and packaging. The brightness of the glazed side of the paper optimizes printability.

In 2012, Papelera Brandia started to have problems with maxi-meters tripping. These are devices used to automatically block power consumption after having reached a pre-determined limit, in order to avoid penalty payments to the local electrical utility for consuming too much energy. The maxi-meters became faulty due to old age and lack of servicing.

Quant offered an Energy Audit as the strategic approach to both reveal their energy consumption and to identify a follow up including a master plan with the identification of potential opportunities and savings.

Following an on-site visit by Quant experts, who performed electrical and thermal energy measurements in the power plant, pulping process and paper machine energy sources, interviews were conducted with the quality, production, maintenance, purchasing and plant managers to understand how they manage their operations and their knowledge about energy policies.

Information such as invoices from various utilities and other energy supply companies were collected and analysed.

As a result, Quant and Papelera Brandia defined a master plan with prioritization of opportunities, categorization and a feasibility analysis.

One of the crucial needs identified was a monitoring and targeting system. Quant’s solution was to install the cpmPlus Energy Manager, including meters and monitoring software, to communicate with quality control, production and planning systems.


  • Total energy savings: 288.830 €/year
  • Global energy savings 9,25%
  • Electrical savings 9,9%
  • Natural gas savings 7,9%
  • Savings in tons of CO2: 1.467 Ton/year
  • Average ROI: 2,1 (92k in less than 18 months)

December 3, 2014