Optimizing Equipment

Taking full control to optimize equipment performance

Karlskrona in Sweden is home to an unusual sector for Quant; this is where ABB High Voltage Cables manufacture thick cables for the transmission of electricity. For over seven years, Quant has been responsible for maintaining the equipment used in this complex cable manufacturing process. In recent years the factory has increased its delivery capacity by 74 percent, with Quant contributing to this improvement by working together with the operators and other client staff.

Quant maintenance service pairs maintenance expertise with production expertise at the client company. This interaction of know-how realizes the full potential of maintenance and inspires greater productivity.

“We undertake to deliver maintenance in order to develop productivity, primarily by increasing the availability of the production equipment and the utilization of facilities,” says Lars Enquist, Sales Manager for Quant in Sweden.

Quant moves in with a well-prepared structure alongside tried-and-tested maintenance processes. Numerous tools and aids come along for the ride.

“To begin with we inject extra resources, and the employees who opted to move to Quant receive training and instruction. We also collate their meaningful experiences so we can bring together the best of two different worlds.”

By measuring key figures and analyzing the facts, the real reasons for the problems can be identified and addressed.

“For productivity to rise, we need to have a complete picture of the production facilities – and human actions account for a major part of this. The know-how provided by Quant is the first step, then the operators expand on this with their process knowledge, working together to achieve continuous improvements.

From 2012 to 2013 one of the things we’ve done is to double the number of improvements in order to increase the technical availability – and we’ve increased the planned maintenance from 29 percent to 42 percent,” explains Pär Rosén, Site Manager for Quant at the Karlskrona factory.

“It feels great to work with the factory and play a part in their increased productivity and happier end users,” he adds.


December 3, 2014