Improving Safety

Ensuring safety comes first

The ABB Electrical Machine Factory (EMF) in Estonia has many challenges in terms of safety environment. Four machines in one of the halls stamp sheet metal into rotor and stator shapes at with extreme speed and accuracy; Winding machines must be fine-tuned to the correct frequency and the vacuum impregnation process room demands special safety gear.

The Quant team performs a daily service on all production equipment including cleaning, lubrication and electrical and mechanical maintenance.

Preventive maintenance is the key to customer added value and guarantees an increase in productivity as machine stoppages and failures are avoided. Apart from preventive repairs, innovations that lead to improve safety and productivity are encouraged within the Estonian team.

The Quant team has been responsible for overall maintenance management since 2006 and since then there have been no time lost through injuries.

When asked how this is possible, Kaupo Mäesalu, Quant site manager replies: “From the very start we put safety first; before every task we carefully check the work order – including the safety aspects. Cleanliness is one important component in creating a safe working environment. We also take safety seriously in the production area where we wear appropriate safety gear and cooperate with other personnel in safety issues and preparations,” he adds.

“Achieving a sustainable safety culture, where safety and leadership is embedded in the mindset, requires years of continuous effort. Our team has worked hard to ensure that every one of us goes home to their families healthy and safe after each working day,” says Tarvo Treimann, local business unit manager for Quant in Estonia.

One of the learnings from the site is that, in addition to observing and giving feedback on hazards and near misses, good safety behavior should be praised to create a positive approach to safety.


December 3, 2014