Improving Performance

Achieving better plant availability with lower maintenance costs

ABB Ludvika is one of the ABB Power Products‘ major production sites for manufacturing capacitors, circuit breakers, components, instrument transformers, surge arresters, and power transformers. The two biggest production lines are for the Large Power Transformers.

At Ludvika, Quant is responsible for all reactive and preventative mechanical, electrical and automation activities, including spare parts management, CMMS and maintenance Key Performance Indicator’s (KPI’s). Also included are forklift maintenance, site internal logistics, production waste management and some projects in process engineering.

Quant’s maintenance management has resulted in significant benefits. Most noticeable is the change in the maintenance mindset, which now has a high focus on preventive maintenance and availability improvement. The maintenance crew is well-trained and motivated, with continuously increasing safety awareness.

As in similar manufacturing sites, there is a small process engineering projects team integrated in the Quant agreement that offers tailored project services based on specific customer requests in process engineering, machine layout changes and modifications, and production support.

“I can’t even think about taking care of all the activities that Quant is in charge of. They take care of maintenance and we concentrate on our core business. We feel that improved maintenance has also contributed to the quality of the end product,” says Peter Åsmo, Production Manager.


  • Reorganized maintenance to successfully respond to the increased production needs
  • Increased employee satisfaction to 77%, leading to more commitment
  • Reduced relational maintenance cost by almost 10%
  • Improved preventive maintenance from 13.5% (2006) to 35.5% (July 09)
  • Transformed waste management from cost center to profit generator
  • Doubled number of near misses, showing an improved safety consciousness
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction Index from 77% to 90.4% in three years

December 3, 2014