World Class Availability

Increasing availability to world class levels, while lowering maintenance costs

ABB in Figeholm manufactures insulation material such as sheet and laminate as well as presspaper insulation components.

The collaboration between the Quant and ABB in Figeholm has been ongoing for several years, and at the beginning of 2013 it was decided to take it a step further. The previous agreement focused on having the highest possible availability in terms of machinery. Maintenance costs are now being prioritized as well.

It is no surprise that maintenance is such a high priority at Figeholm. The big paper machine has to run 24 hours a day, almost every day of the year.

“Maintenance work is all important and the Quant team have expertise in this area that we don’t. This means that we can now focus more on our core business here at Figeholm. We met our targets for availability in 2013, and when it came to costs we even exceeded the target,” says Tobias Hansson, Site Manager.

A thorough overview was drawn up to survey costs, coordinate purchases and allow for better follow up of activities.

“In doing this we have also taken a number of measures to promote safety, such as implementing a new system for following up on deviations,” says Leif Vumritz, Regional Manager.

This has led to a big change in the working process at Figehom: Regular follow-up meetings are now a very important part of making sure everything is going smoothly: Daily meetings, where availability and safety are reconciled; weekly meetings where costs are followed up and monthly meetings where collaboration is reviewed and the meeting of annual targets is evaluated.

“Communicating the new procedures has been a challenge, but we’ve worked on it together. We work in close collaboration with ABB in Figeholm and the employees at Quant. All these people have contributed to the success of the first year of our agreement, but we still aim to be better,” concludes Leif Vumritz.


December 3, 2014