16 helmikuun, 2017

Q4/2016 safety report


Comments on trends

Our rolling 12 months TIR (Total Incident Rate) for December was 0,54 and LTIR (Lost Time Incident Rate) for same period 0,23. Comparing to 2016 January we have improved on both indicators, TIR and LTIR (2016 January results 0,82 and 0,37 respectively). Two reportable incidents occurred January this year turn the trend negative.

-LTIR includes all incidents where our own employees, contractor employees or customer employees managed by us have got an injury where they have not been able to return back to work on following working day.
-TIR takes also into account incidents where the person has not sick leave but is able to return back for restricted duties (RWI) or is treated medically (MTI) and after that is returning back to his normal duties.
-Quant calculates both TIR and LTIR against 200,000 working hours.

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