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Finland & Baltics
Are you interested in working for Quant, a global leader in industrial maintenance?
Here you will find our vacancies in Finland and the Baltics. Can’t find a job that suits you? Please submit a spontaneous application!

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Our people drive our success. We therefore invest in recruiting the right candidates with the right experience, capabilities and personal drive required to succeed and help our customers realize their full maintenance potential.

We are maintenance professionals – experts at empowering our people to realize the full potential of maintenance for our customers. We take pride in managing and executing maintenance and believe that a motivated, empowered and skilled team of dedicated professionals is a force to be reckoned with.

Open positions

  • Etsimme jatkuvasti osaavia tekijöitä

    Palkkaamme teknisen koulutuksen omaavia hyviä tyyppejä. Odotamme sinun olevan sosiaalinen tiimipeluri, sillä yksinäiset sudet eivät pärjää meillä. Toimenkuvasi tulee olemaan......


HR-team, Finland and Baltics